Cyclic Load Energy Saver

CYCLIC LOAD ENERGY SAVER is an equipment developed to save power on variable load machines like press Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, Agitators, Conveyors and Textile Mills etc. This unit saves power during the no load or partial load periods using delta to star change over and the power saving can be 30% to 40% of the no load power. The capital amount invested can be realized in few months.


Normally motors run in delta mode (delta connected windings), with full line voltage applied to the motor windings. By making the motor to run in star mode (star connected windings) during the no-load or partial load periods only, 1/v3 times the line voltage is applied to each phase winding of the motor which reduces the power input to the motor. During partial load or no-load period, motor windings are supplied with 230V/ 250V instead of 400V/ 440V, saving that much power and reducing the energy consumption of the motor.


  • Digital ammeter with auto scanner for three phase currents
  • Motor protection: over load, single phasing unbalanced etc.
  • Individual fault annunciation: ol-over load, spp-single phasing, ub-unbalance
  • Optional features like star-delta timer
  • Available in wide range up to 500 A
  • Man-machine interface through keypad & display
  • Less heating of motor assuring increase in life
  • In start mode save energy and obtain higher power factor & lower max. demand
  • Possible to save between 10 to 20 units per day
  • The saving in terms of rupees will work out to between Rs.20,000/- to 50,000/-
  • Low cost & best payback period, as low as 6 months
  • Advantage of 100% depreciation provision in cash crunch situation
  • Provides different curves, such as 2.5C, 5C, 10C,15C, 20C and 30C for accurate selection of thermal curve of the motor and accurate overload tripping on the basis of thermal capacity calculations of the motor.


Following table shows the scope for saving energy for the motors of different capacity ranges at different loads. The actual values will vary for different ratings of motor and the savings can be higher or lower depending upon electrical and mechanical condition of the motor.



1 TO 15 HP 16 TO 40 HP 41 TO 150 HP
NO LOAD 76% 60% 45%
10% 40% 30% 22%
20% 26% 22% 20%
30% 15% 13% 12%
40% 09% 08% 07%
50% 06% 05% 04%


Petrochemical Plastic Rubber
Chemical General Engineering Paper
Fertilizer Automobile Hotels
Cement Textile Paints
Sugar Tea Dye Intermediate


Compressors Crushers Ring Frames
Centrifuges Agitators & Conveyors Presses
Injection Moulding Machines Cooling Towers M.G. Welding Sets etc.
Shearing Machines Agitators & Conveyors Pug Mills
Cutting Machines Cooling Towers Reactors
Simplex Machines Blowers & Water Pumps Extractor


Supply Voltage Operation 230V ± 10%, 50HZ.
Load Sensing Through Current Transformer
Protection Over Load, Single Phasing, Unbalance
LED Annunciation R, Y, B Phase Current Indication & Delta And Star Mode Indication
Delta to Star Changeover Time I-60 sec. settable
Start to Delta Change over Time Instantaneous
Bypass Automatic Delta to Star Conversion Bypass Through Toggle Switch
(except protection)