High Speed Real Time Automatic Power Factor Correction System

State-of-art electronic switching device designed to replace electro-mechanically switched equipment, in power factor correction systems

Smooth and Transient free

Connection and disconnection of the capacitor to and from the network occurs at zero current crossing. This smooth connection avoids the transient effects like waveform distortions, generation of switching spikes etc., typically created by electro-mechanically switched Power Factor Correction ( PFC ) systems. The total correction time (Full compensation of reactive current) is only 3 to 4 cycles which is much faster than electro-mechanically switched PFC systems

Major Benefits

  • Increase effective installed capacity of transformer, D.G. Sets, Cables, Switch Gears etc.
  • Save electricity charges by,
    • Reducing energy consumption.
    • Reducing contract demand cost.
    • Avoids penalty due to power factor & maintains power factor close to unity (1.0) on real time basis.
  • Improves quality of power, by avoiding surges, sag or low voltage with heavy machinery like compressors, air conditioning plant, cranes etc. (Save the cost of star – delta starters or soft starters ) Eliminates harmonics (Optional features ) Absorbs switching transients coming from the source or upstream.
  • Due to fast correction of P.F. large H.P. motors can be started on generators already near full capacity.

Maintenance free

The systems is maintenance free because it does not use contactor for switching the capacitors.

Capacitors Life

Capacitors life is enhanced to minimum three times of normal life due to smooth connection and disconnection.

Resonance Free

The detuned reactors prevent resonance by shifting the capacitor / network resonance frequency.