We would like to introduce our company Excel Tech India PVT. LTD. was established in year 2000, is specialized manufacturing company of Micro controller based motor protection device as type of with display and without display model, Automatic Delta – star converter as motor energy saver, High speed ( Real Time ) Power Factor controlling panel which is state of the art electronic switching device designed to replacement of electromechanically switched equipment in power factor correction system, also engaged in manufacturing of Thyristor switch for Capacitor switching, Soft starter up to 300 HP, Thyristorrised Heater controller, Earthing Confirmation Relay, EarthPit Resistance measurement Relay Earth leakage relay, Voltage protection device, Auto mains failure Relay etc.

Our Products are field proven and Reliable with more then 40,000 installation only of Motor Protection Device, which commits genuine over load protection against conventional bi-metal relays.

Our growing and wide client base speaks of our sales, Service and support is the main engine of our continuous growth.

Excel Tech India PVT. LTD.

The panels were to integrate with these sophisticated machinery, for centralized control of all actuating & operating elements and motorized drives, temperature controlled soldering & De-soldering station for SMD work. Our many of Electronics products are manufactured on latest SMT machines.

  • Very high quality standards were ensured through in-house facilities for manufacture of most of Electronic assembly, also make inspection procedures for quality at every stage.
  • Thus high standards of quality and punctuality in performance got ingrained into the manufacturing culture of Excel Tech India PVT. LTD.

Excel Tech India PVT. LTD has in-house Research & development, which has been engaged in quality improvement and new development with adopted digital micro controller based technology which has developed Zero cross over as differential Zero Crossing based digital electronic card used in Real time power factor improvement technology. Also developed & functional tested in ERDA Micro Controller Based (like Micro Computer) Motor Protection Devices.