Static electricity is a frequent source of ignition. An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders. Static charge can lead to the electrical charging of conductive objects such as barrels, filling pipes, tanker trucks, FIBCs (Big Bags) etc. Static Sparks can be prevented by discharging to proper earthing the objects.

ECR – 1

For FIBC C type bag / Process equipments located in potential combustible dust atmospheres.

  • ECR – 1 is designed to safety remove static electricity from Type C FIBC and eliminate the risk of uncontrolled frictional static spark discharges. Static electricity is capable of providing an ignition source in areas where many combustible powders are processed or handled. The amount of energy required will depend on the explosive characteristics of the dust/air mix, but in order to control these risks, the Device may be used to safety dissipate electrostatic spark discharges.
  • Device continuously monitors the static dissipative path through the bag’s conductive filaments, via a verified earth grounding point.
  • Two LED lamp have been given on the device, in open condition Red light will be on, when the FIBC has a verified and continuously monitored static ground connection will indicate green light in same time potential free two change over relay output will energise to take further interlock action like to stop flow of material and to get audio alarm also.
  • A new standard, IEC 61340-4-4, states that the resistance through a Type C FIBC bag should not exceed 10 Mega ohms if the minimum ignition energy of the surrounding atmosphere is 3 mJ or less.
  • Power Supply : 230VAC or 110 VAC – 10%+15%, 45-65Hz., Optional 24 VAC
  • Protection : Internal high speed glass Fuses
  • Inputs : (1) True or Verified Earth (2) Probe from FIBC bag
  • Output : (1) True or Verified Earth to FIBC bag
  • Range : (Intrinsically Safe) Earth Loop Resistance 0 to 10 Ohm / 0 to 1 MOhm / 0 to 10 MOhm adjustable through external display console at factory on demand
  • external display console at factory on demand.
  • Permissible circuit values Ignition protection class : Ex IIC 2 GD d e ia T6
  • Cable Entries suitable for 19mm Gland : Three / four at bottom of enclosure.
  • Relay output Rating : Two change over 250 V / 5A (Resistive load)
  • Weight : Approx. 4.5 Kg (without Clamp)
  • Ambient Temperature Max. 55C
  • Cable type : Two nos. single core cable of 5 mtr (Option in straight and spiral)
  • Clamp design : SS 304 type suitable for FIBC bag

General FLP Enclosure Certification :

  • Type of Protection : CIMFR / CCOE for Intrinsic Safety (Ex-i)
  • Flame proof (Explosion proof) Ex-d,
  • Area Classification : Zone 1 & 2,
  • Gas Groups : IIA/IIB, T6
  • IP Protection : IP 65 / IP 66
  • Apparatus standard : For Ex-d – IS 2148 / 1981 (Re-certification based on IEC 60079 series is under process)
  • Material : Cast Aluminium Alloy LM-6