Static electricity is a frequent source of ignition. An electrostatic charge can be generated while handling conductive liquids or powders. Static charge can lead to the electrical charging of conductive objects such as barrels, filling pipes, tanker trucks, FIBCs (Big Bags) etc. Static Sparks can be prevented by discharging to proper earthing the objects.


(Human static Dissipater / Testing Station)

Human body Static Dissipater is a simple-to-use device intended for checking and static dissipation of human body prior to the human entering the threatened area (explosion risk atmosphere)
Human static dissipater is set so that to measure resistance of human body respect to earth.
The station is equipped with display for OPEN and PASS.
Also provide Relay output can be used for sound signalling & also by relay contact for access door or gate control the possibility of entering an explosion risk area.

Simple to install and operate :

  • VISIBLE display PASS / OPEN indication with Relay Output.
  • Contact closure for access control interlock.
  • IP66 enclosure for control panel.
  • Includes SS plate with handle and cables.
General FLP Enclosure Certification :

  • Type of Protection : CIMFR / CCOE for Intrinsic Safety (Ex-i)
  • Flame proof (Explosion proof) Ex-d,
  • Area Classification : Zone 1 & 2,
  • Gas Groups : IIA/IIB, T6
  • IP Protection : IP 65 / IP 66
  • Apparatus standard : For Ex-d – IS 2148 / 1981 (Re-certification based on IEC 60079 series is under process)
  • Material : Cast Aluminium Alloy LM-6