Intelligent Motor Control and Protection Device

  • The The Motor Protection Device, µLEDx is made intelligent by integrating the control functions into the protection device and designated as µLEDx-i1.
  • This compact intelligent device provides integrated control and numerical protection and can be connected to SCADA system through communication network.
  • The intelligent motor control and protection device provides significant cost savings and space requirement compared to the conventional discrete control and protection devices by combining the control and protection functions in single unit. It uses network communication facility for remote control, alarm and annunciation, thereby reducing the expensive copper cabling and space requirement.
  • The control, monitoring, parameterization of protection functions, protection alarms and trips are facilitated through the communication network (typically RS485 or other networks by using various communication protocols) between remote control room and the Intelligent Motor Control and Protection device.
  • Apart from the motor protection functions, the following control functions are included in the device:
    • Start
    • Stop or trip
    • Reset
  • All the control commands can be executed from remote control room through the communication network (typically RS 485) in addition to the protection related parameterization, alarms and trips of the motor protection device.
  • The device can accept two hardwired digital inputs which can be used for feedback on ON/ OFF status of the Power Contactor and emergency stop push button.
  • The device has two potential free output contacts, which can be programmed for operating the contactors, meant for forward / reverse control of motor or opening/ closing of motorized valves.