• NEVR

Features & specifications

  • State of Art Microcontroller Based Design
  • 2 Line 4 digit Super Bright Seven Segment Display
  • 4 Keys keypad for program mode
  • Aux. Supply: 230/110 VAC , 50/60 Hz (+/- 10 %)
  • System: 1 Phase
  • Range: 100 mV AC to 9.99 VAC
  • Voltage Input: Voltage between Earth & Neutral
  • Resolution: 0.01 V
  • Relay output: One Change Over , 5 A
  • It trips, when process value is more than set value , Earth absent and Phase & Neutral interchange

Advantages of Neutral to Earth Voltage Monitoring & Protection

Under healthy conditions of a system with earthed neutral, the neutral to earth voltage is negligible. However, under following conditions, neutral to earth voltage rises:

  • When neutral to earth connection is open / gets disconnected.
  • When neutral to earth connection resistance is high due to loose or corroded connection
  • When the earth connection point at the equipment terminals is not connected/ high resistance connected to physical earth.

The high resistance or disconnection of neutral or earth connection point of equipment to physical earth connection could lead to rise in voltage at neutral or earth connection point, which could be dangerous to human safety. It may also lead to overvoltage in the system resulting in insulation failure of equipment connected to the system. Hence, monitoring of neutral to earth voltage and tripping the system in case of unhealthy conditions, provides human safety as well as equipment protection against insulation failure.

There is an additional feature in the relay to detect interchanging of phase and neutral connections, which could lead to phase voltage continuously available at the equipment even when the equipment is switched off. When the equipment is switched off, this condition can be dangerous to human, who comes in contact with the phase assuming it to be neutral.


  • MODEL (NEVR) : Two line 4 digit seven segment display
  • MODEL (NEVR-DIN): One digit seven segment display
  • MODEL (NEVR-RS) : Two line 4 digit seven segment display with RS485 MODBUS RTU


  • MODEL (NEVR) & (NEVR-RS) :
    • Dimension: Bezel – 96 mm x 96 mm, Depth – 65 mm, Panel Cutout – 92 mm x 92 mm
    • Dimension: Height – 75 mm, Width – 52 mm, Depth – 110 mm